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    The medium of radio sounds abused when ita��s dictated. You need to present with care, especially because the medium is so close to the masses. You have to be sensitivea��be it with your on-air talk or, even for that matter, your station messages, which are anyway drowning in a sea of commercials. Many radio stations have this urge to try something different, but unfortunately end up trying too hard.
    Content today is so shallow that it leaves you wondering who decides on the load of garbage that gets on air. Gone are the days when radio and its presenters were an enigma to the public, and the music that was dished out was pure magic. Today, presenters are more interested to doll up and groom for that video they would like to post on social media than improving content and talk.
    It looks awfully silly when you have jocks promoting films like actors. Though ita��s meant to tickle your funny bone, the visual that you see is like a fancy dress competition for toddlers gone bad. You cana��t blame the idea, but definitely the execution. A word to presentersa��make yourself an on-air brand first and then, even if you came dressed as Sam the eagle, you will have nothing to worry about.
    A few weeks ago I was told by a parent about an English promo that played at the most inopportune moments, especially during the morning school drop. Like many, this parent has since switched off this local English station because suddenly you as a listener are told about a�?marital rapea�?, a�?sex toysa�? and the like. In a city like Chennai, content like this is not bold but simply foolish.
    When you hear the promo, which calls itself the mid-week ban (quite a forgettable segment at 9 am) you are reminded of Deepika Padukonea��s My Choice. But this is a poor mana��s version. Ita��s crass and definitely not content you want to start your day off with. Ita��s time stations understood that ita��s not what they want on air, but rather what the listener would like to hear. See you next week.




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