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    Reviving traditional crafts from Gujarat, Purvi Doshi launches her collection at Tifara

    With no formal training in fashion designing, Purvi Doshi has already carved a niche for herself as a revivalist. Working extensively with natural fabrics, traditional artwork and dyes, the designer picked up the Grazia Emerging Designer award in 2010. Her collection showcases traditional art on western silhouettes that include fusion of fine cuts and structured dresses, kurtas, palazzos, asymmetrical gowns and long skirts.
    Sourcing artisans from the remote villages of Gujarat and Rajasthan, her latest collection a�?Back to Starta�� is a reflection of Gujarati mirror work on traditional Khadi and natural colours a�� her ode to Mother Nature.A� a�?IA� love to work with the traditional fabrics of our country and make full use of the dying arts like Kuttchi mirror work. This line focuses mainly on intricate embroidery that is created by the phenomenal craftsmen and also adds a contemporary edge to it,a�? shares the 40-year-old, Ahmedabad-based designer.
    WorkingA� only with indigenousA� Khadi fabric, the designer has retained the natural off-white tone of the material, while intricate floral motifs and glasswork in golden hues, make it perfect for our sultry days. a�?My collection is a mix of indo-western wear, keeping in mind todaya��s woman. Despite using fabrics like organic cotton and khadi, and choosing natural dyes that dona��t pollute the environment, I veer from traditional cuts and keep experimenting,a�? says Doshi.
    Rs 10,000 onwards, Details: 42358888

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