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    Leta��s Feed Bengaluru aims to share food, love and compassion across the city over the long weekend

    Leta��s Feed Bengaluru (LFB) is all set to take its initiative to beat the scourge of hunger several notches higher. For the uninitiated, this 700 volunteer-strong group collects fresh meals from households across the city and distributes them in slums or orphanages. It also holds clothes- and book-donation drives, as well as free dental checkups.
    Over the next three days, LFB hopes to feed 15,000 mouths across eight slums in the city, and at Home Of Hope (a center that rescues and rehabilitates the poor). Volunteer, Angshusmita Baruah Segra is positive about the goal they have set, for this special Independence Day drive. She tells us, a�?LFB started out by collecting 40 meals from the residents of Rose Garden Apartments in Bannerghatta last October. Forty became 200. Two hundred became 300, and 300 became 5,000 last month. Ita��s heartening to see every one participate in the campaign so willingly. Every household gives us more than one packet of food at least.a�? Meanwhile, food delivery startup, EatFresh contributes by helping with packaging supplies.
    Initiated by techies, Harshil Mittal, Rishion Shah and Selina Elias, the core philosophy of LFB is that you dona��t need a lot of money to feed others. Mittal explains, a�?If all of us make some extra food on a daily basis, and give it to poor people around us, we can beat the problem of hunger and malnutrition in India. And while people donate food for religious reasons (think anna-daan), we hope they can do this selflessly, and on a frequent basis.a�?
    If you want to join this campaign, called Hunger Free Nation a�� 15k Meals, fill out a form to either be a volunteer or a donor, on their website. You will then be provided food containers. Volunteers will come to your doorstep on a specified date and time, collect the food packets, inspect the contents for quality, and forward them to the logistics team. It will then be transported to the venue, fresh and warm! The meal must be vegetarian (avoid gravies and liquids), nutritious, and sufficient for one person. It can be a combination of rice/khichdi, dry sabzi, and salads. LFB also provides glucose biscuits to children.
    Besides the many blessings that these volunteers get from the elderly for their campaign, there is another wonderful takeaway. a�?We all have finally understood the true value of food and stopped wasting it,a�? Segra says in conclusion.
    August 13-15. Details: letsfeedblr.com

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