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DJ Dave Aju changes the very core of experimental EDM

US-based experimental DJ Dave Aju (born Marc Barrite) draws inspiration from diverse genres of music like jazz, rock and hip-hop. We catch up with him before his performance at the JW Marriott.

About aliases.
Ita��s more interesting and imaginative. Plus, you can separate your work from yourself. Also, legally it can be beneficial, just ask some birth-name DJ about taxes and border issues when flyers match their passports!

I find influence everywhere. There was a rainy day recently that inspired a track.

On music software.
Technology has definitely opened some doors and made certain tasks easier, but it is also possible to get lost in it and forget the feelings and the soul, the important part.

Guilty pleasures.
Nachos and bad 80s films.

Bucket list.
An album of covers, scuba diving and to witness the end of the fossil fuel engine.

Mixing different genres of music.
Yes, more please! Always in production, and whenever possible in DJ sets.

Alternative profession.
Fantasy: Crab fisherman, because ita��s ridiculous and crab is delicious.
Reality: School counselor, because kids need to open up and must be listened to more than ever.

December 14, 8.30 pm. At Vittal Mallya Road. Tickets (Rs 1,000). Details: 67189999

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