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    Itai??i??s the final Friday of 2016! What do the known voicesAi?? of radio in Chennai want out of the medium in the coming year? Hereai??i??s their wish list

    Sindhu Sreekanth Fever FM
    ?Ai?? I want 2017 to be my break-out year, in terms of how I can use new technology to reach a wider audience. I have started exploring the power of social media, and I must say that I am amazed at how it can improve lives. My wish is to use social media to understand my listeners better. I want to learn how digital marketing works as an extended arm of radio. I will, of course, continue to learn, keep my mind open to new possibilities, and become more versatile.

    Ajai Titus Radio Mirchi
    ?Ai??Ai?? I definitely want compatibility of social media along with radio content, without making it a force fit. Experimenting with new content, breaking the monotony of film music and newspaper based content, a ten-minute cap on advertisement per hour, handpicked playlists ai??i?? these are some changes Iai??i??d like to see. In the name of entertainment, there is a lot of ai???not radio-worthy contentai??i?? that is crass and cheesy. Iai??i??d like to see a better definition of entertainment this year.

    Arthi Varanasi Suryan FM
    ? As dear as the medium is to me, it can also be monotonous, unless I make it interesting and gripping every single day. This is precisely my radio resolution for the coming year. Keep it short, meaningful, fun, sensible, no advice ai??i?? but surely, be socially more responsible. The one minute that my listener listens to me should be a good one for sure.

    Syed Mohsin Fever FM
    ?Ai?? My resolution for radio in 2017 would be to add more ai???masalaai??i?? to my on-air personality. Ever since I entered the field a year back, Iai??i??ve been marinating in all ways possible, learning and observing other national and international radio personalities. Now, if radio is considered as one sibling, then the digital space would be the otherAi??sibling. I want to try to make them bond better this year. ai???Eat-sleep-radio-repeatai??? would be my motto for 2017.


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