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    The King of Popa��s top tribute artiste, Mikki Jay, pays Chennai a visit

    She could pass off as The King of Popa��s identical twin. Mikki Jay, Michael Jacksona��s number one tribute artiste, has her game on point. Her moon walks and spins have even landed her a place in The Royal Variety Club of Great Britain, where she performed for British royalty. And tomorrow, the UK-based artiste will be in Chennai for the first time, with her dancing shoes on, to commemorate MJa��s sixth death anniversary in a tribute concert at the Courtyard of Phoenix MarketCity.
    Beyond appearances, Jay is also popular for the uncanny similarity to MJa��s voice and dancing technique that she brings to her performances. She has performed all over the world, including Russia, South Africa, Thailand and Dubai. But her most breath taking moment was when she performed for the pop icon himself at the Equinox in Leicester Square, London in 2002. a�?I couldna��t believe what I was seeing, when he turned around and we were face to face. He was everything I ever expected and more. Telling him I love him and him saying it back a�� priceless,a�? she gushes.
    Jay started off as a biology student with the aim of becoming a chiropodist, but changed course in 1992 to pursue her calling of becoming the most authentic Michael Jackson impersonator. a�?It made me really happy. Everything about Michael is so inspiring and I love to pass on the messages from his songs, because he wanted to make a difference and heal the world,a�? she shares. Now in India for the first time ever, Jay admits, a�?The hardest thing is to dance and sing live at the same time. Michael was a master of that. I continue to learn, but no one will ever dance as well as Michael in my opinion. He was a one-off,a�? she concludes.
    June 27 at the Courtyard, Phoenix MarketCity in Velachery, from 7pm onwards. Details: 30083008
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