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    2013a��s top Android games are now live

    In the arena
    Not the usual slash-and-hack game, I, Gladiator needs some getting used to in terms of the 3D free movement combat. The game gets you to strategically plan your moves against enemies that range from prisoners to mighty lions. You can fight multiple enemies at once with a huge inventory of weapons, armor and battle styles to choose from. A total no-no for kids. Rs170

    Cold War revival
    A cheeky little add-on game for Strategy & Tactics: World War II, USSR vs USA is all about war combat, cunning strategy and a deadly fight. The storyline covers events like attacks on Beijing as the Russians have to stop capitalism and USA needs to push back enemies and defeat the Third Reich. A very engaging multi-player game. Rs180

    When duty calls
    The clear king of first-person shooter games, Call of Duty: Strike Team includes FPS mode, ideal for plotting tactical moves on the enemy, the strike squad can be hand-picked and fitted with weapons of your choice. We love that we can switch from FPS run-and-gun mode to third-person squad combat. Visuals and controls are however, not on par with earlier games. Rs438

    Souped up cars
    iFruit easily hooks into Grand Theft Auto V to create two features. The Los Santos Customs app lets you create your dream vehicle from anywhere with license plate, paint and wheel modifications possible. Chop the DogA�is all about looking after Franklina��s dog. Feed and water him, play fetch and tug-of-war or teach him tricks. Make sure hea��s happy. Chop is a Rottweiler.
    Details: play.google.com

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