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    Parodies of television shows and films reign supreme as Old Spice makes waves yet again

    Geek alert
    Showing just how similar the Star Trek film reboot by JJ Abrams is to the Power Rangers style, one obsessive fan has actually created an opening sequence (with the Star Trek cast) for a mashup. The video, by popular YouTube user The Unusual Suspect, shows footage taken from the 2009 film Star Trek starring Chris Pine as Captain Kirk as well as the 2013 sequel Star Trek Into Darkness. But the twist is that it is set to the theme song of Power Rangers a�� In Space. And despite the slight dig at Abrams making the film like Power Rangers, we love this clip.

    Boys to men
    Be it the iconic a�?I am on a horsea�� commercial or a�?the man your man could smell likea�� one, Old Spice grabs eyeballs. And again, with the momsong ad, the brand has amassed just under one million hits in a single weekend only on YouTube. It begins with a Mom hiding behind the door as her son sprays on Old Spice before meeting a girl. As the song continues, boys are seen being men as mothers pop up singing about how their boys have grown into men from using Old Spice. And with a tagline like Smellcome to Manhood, everybody is watching!

    Through deduction
    All eyes are on the new season of Sherlock which sees Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman reprise their roles as Sherlock and Watson on the BBC Production, but this animated short film by a fan is a brilliant summary of other television shows currently airing. While watching TV, Sherlock deducts things before their appear, spoiling Watsona��s experience and some of youra��s too if youa��ve missed these shows. A brilliant portrayal of the real characters in a funny animation. Spoiler alert!

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