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    Mid-century pieces with a contemporary flavour at Baro

    Siddharth Sirohi and Srila Chatterjee got bored of their lives in the film industry and decided to dabble in their shared passion for interiors and design. This resulted in their new Mumbai-based furniture store, Baro. Translating to 12 from Bengali, the number has personal significance for Chatterjee. The store is a one-stop-shop for home products with an old-world aesthetic blended with modern form and functionality.
    The collection ranges from furniture to storage solution and home linen. ai???They are meant for people who appreciate good workmanship and like to work off basics to create their own language,ai??? adds Chatterjee. This is exemplified in the classic Oxford wooden cupboard ai??i?? slim and tall with glass fronts and a star-shaped detail. Or the Suzani armchair, which is made with a combination of leather and old Suzani textile from Uzbekistan. Each piece has a personal touch. For example, The Tree of Life-themed blinds are sourced from Russell Street in Kolkata, where Chatterjee grew up.
    ai???85 per cent of our furniture is made by us, and all the original design is Siddharthai??i??s. The rest are old pieces that we find, restore and re-imagine. The others are sourced from my travels,ai??? explains Chatterjee. Inspiration strikes from all directions for these two ai??i?? travelling, movies, books and the arts and crafts of India and other countries. The pieces themselves are mostly based off mid century or art deco furniture.

    Rs 5,000 upwards. Details:

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