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    Leave the playlist in the hands of your guests

    Drop all your music woes, especially if you are a commercial enterprise, and summon the Moojician. A new, free app that gives your guests control of your a�?jukeboxa��, Moojic personalises a playlist to suit the mood.
    a�?We wanted to revive the old age jukeboxes digitally, while making it interactive for users andA�hassle-free music management for merchants,a�? begins Neha Behnani, founder, as her partner Kumaran Mahendran adds that ita��s all about playing tunes from a customera��s perspective.

    It allows you to request a song inside aA�Moojic-powered location like a restaurant. If it is on the pre-approved list, youa��ll be listening to that song next. Of course, the founders emphasise that the list will not include random songs but those that reflect the locations. a�?You cana��t request a gazal at a rock-playing cafe,a�? shares Behnani.

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    As of now, Moojic is only for commercial use. However, you can soon expect them to launch an app for personal use, which means your party will never have bad music again! a�?Music can be a major decision driver when choosing a location to be at. With friends, we all want to play the songs that we all connect with or when alone, you want a song to uplift your spirits,a�? explains Mahendran, elaborating that it is a win-win for all. a�?Merchants are happy as they can concentrate on their core business while their patrons are happy they get to chooseA�the song that they want to hear,a�? Mahendran says.

    And not only can you request the song, but you can view the playlist, see lyrics and dedicate songs to yourA�Facebook friends. But fast forward to the future and youa��ll have votes to bring songs up a queue or even crowd source the mood of a location to get the party started.

    On Android and iOS. Details: moojic.com

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