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    Tibetan comfort fare like thukpa, taipao and Wai Wai noodles meet at Dallay, the newest North Eastern address in town

    Named after a chilli from Sikkim (that is popular in the North), Dallay is a small eatery in Velachery that promises nothing more than comfort Tibetan fare. a�?Actually, ita��s more the food that is popular in Darjeeling,a�? says Rudy Thulung, 27, a native of the hill station, who quit his job as a cabin crew at Jet Airways to pursue his passion, cooking. Along with Preeti Alley, 26, whom he met while working at Jet Airways, the duo started the 25-cover restaurant opposite Phoenix MarketCity around a month ago, to provide Chennai a taste of what they call comfort food.
    On the cards here, we find momos of the pan fried, steamed and gigantic variety (aka the taipao) and we try them stuffed with beef and chicken. IMG_2924_1Post this we venture into thukpa territory, with the noodle broth arriving topped with minced beef and chopped onions. Selection here is based on meat (sadly, no pork because of rental restrictions) and from the specials we go for the phalay (circular, flat, fried puff, stuffed with chicken and condiments) before trying the Wai Wai. This North Eastern version of Maggi (available at supermarkets till not too long ago) is much thinner and made with veggies and mince stirred in. Save for the generous use of oil in a few dishes, wea��re rather enjoying our Tibetan meal.
    But while they offer iced teas and cold beverages to wash all this down, dona��t expect any dessert. a�?Our cuisine does not have any desserts as such, but we like Bengali desserts like rosogolla and sweetened curd (shrikhand),a�? smiles Alley. Dessert or no, we only hope that, unlike the slightly irregular Kailash Kitchen (one can never tell when theya��re likely to be open), Dallay will deliver consistently.
    Meal for two at approximately Rs 500. Details: 42691363

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