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    Now, cut down your mobile expenses by 25-35 per cent with BillBachao

    Most of us, more than often, are clueless about our mobile expenses. Telecom veterans Nilanjan Mukherjee and Arvind Rao are addressing this issue through their venture BillBachao, which officially went live with its app a month-and-a-half-ago. Currently available for Android smartphones, it allows you to track your mobile bills as well as reduce them by 25-35 per centa��by recommending the best mobile plans (across the segments of voice call, SMS and internet usage) in your telecom circle. The idea for BillBachao came last year, after Rao, the CEO of the company, read some startling statistics. a�?We came across a study stating that 80 per cent of Indian consumers spend almost 35 per cent more on mobile bills than they should be,a�?
    he says.
    Mukherjee, the president of the Mumbai-based startup, tells us how it works. a�?It will show a list of plans most suited for you, across different mobile operators, based on the history and pattern of your mobile usage. You can then analyse and switch to a new mobile connection. It will also list out an ideal set of tariff plans if you were to switch from, leta��s say, prepaid to postpaid, retaining the same operator. Lastly, we recommend the cheapest mobile plans in your circle, irrespective of the operators.a�?
    It is applicable to both prepaid and postpaid users. After installing the app, you need to enter your phone number and the circle you stay in. In just 10 seconds, thanks to a robust data analytics system, the app gets back to you with a bouquet of personalised plans and an estimation of how much you can save. The app will also notify you about the status of your mobile plans from time to time.

    Details: billbachao.com

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