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    Digital wallets not only let you make hassle-free transactions both on and offline, but are branching into other areas of wealth management. We bring you the latest apps to solve your cash or card woes.

    MOWA (short for Mobile Wallet) app, enables faster smartphone payments as it simply needs to be linked with a debit/credit card to connect to a bank account. You can even transfer money to contacts in your list, if they do not have the app. The best thing? You wona��t need to enter bank details!
    Free on Android. Details: mowa.in
    Citrus Cube
    Once you feed in dates for recurring bills, the RBI-approved app will remind you about the dues until you pay. From mobile bills and digital TV subscriptions, this one even reminds you to pay domestic help, school fees and gym subscriptions. You can store credit or debit card details for smooth payments without saving the CCV number.
    On Android. Details: play.google.com

    YPAYCASH mobile wallet lets you recharge your DTH televison connections like Airtel, Reliance and DISH, apart from utility bills like gas, electricity, water and others. You can also book bus tickets on travelyaari.com, transfer money to bank accounts and do e-shopping.
    Available on play.google.com

    Oxigen Wallet
    With this app, you can recharge all major mobile connections, pay phone and electricity bills, shop, buy tickets and more. Features like sending money to social media contacts, gifting air time, scheduling payments and asking family and friends for a top up on your talk time, make it more convenient.
    Available on play.google.com
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