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    Travel through the culinary landscape of coastal South India at this gastro-puba��s latest promotion

    The Monkey has finally broken his self-imposed silence. Been away on a coastal adventure, we presume, since that is the theme of the latest promotion at Monkey Bar, Indiranagar. With a promise of coastal flavours of South India finding its way into dishes and drinks at this popular watering hole on 12th Main, this promotion is on till the end of the month.
    If you have loved your red rice drowned in fish curry, the Kuttari Salad of red rice will be quite the surprise for you. Reminiscent of the Konkani Sasam, ita��s light and packed with baby spinach, pomegranate seeds and a lemon juice dressing. The light tempering with mustard seeds and red chilli, with the garnish of grated coconut make it a dish that you will call for, for seconds and even thirds.
    The KP Tacos brings together Chettinad-style pulled chicken in mini Kerala Parathas that you simply fold and bite into. The flavours are great and while it does look like a soft taco loaded with spicy chicken, garlic pickle and baby onion salan, ita��s just a handy way of getting chicken and paratha down. The Udupi Beet Cutlets (Cutlees as they are called back home) immediately brought back days spent in Manipal and gorging on these at Hotel Diana in Udupi. Mashed beet and potato, rava encrusted and fried, served with a coconut tamarind ketchup, this will take you back. The Kerala Bao Uttappam brings a superlative Kerala beef fry with curry leaves and mustard-tempered baos. Brilliant together, brilliant apart! The Kundapur ghee roast masala-inspired chicken wings and prawns, both make for excellent partners with a chilled beer or even the Soulful Kadhee a drink of Kokum syrup, tender coconut, curry leaves, gin and lime cordial. Both dishes are spicy, though not in the classic Kundapur ghee roast sense. Yes, the menu includes Southern states- inspired drinks as well.

    Liquid courage
    The Chilli Puli is perfect for those who love their spicy drinks a�� Tequila meets tamarind paste and green chilli to make for a potent drink. The Vanakkam Panakkam introduces whiskey to the humble panakkam making it a slightly sweet yet delicious drink paired with just about anything off the menu.
    Sample also the Ode to Molly, a sea bass dish taking inspiration from the meen moilee, and the Suran Blankets that see parathas filled with Mangalorea��s suran palya. Clam Sukka MoBar style also makes for a good order. The vegetarians have three great choices on the menu, four if you include the popular Monkey Eggs.
    Keep in mind though that the menu takes inspiration from flavours of the coast and is not a�?authentic like mummy makesa��. What you will get is the essence of the region through some innovative dishes.

    Rs 1,200++ for two. At 12 th Main, Indiranagar. Details: 44114455

    a��Ruth Dsouza Prabhu


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