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    Offering exquisite A�concoctions A�and tea-infused bites, this cafe A�is a must for A�tea lovers

    While coffee shops in the city are a dime a dozen, tea rooms are few and far between. And so when you hear of the launch of a new cafe dedicated to tea in all its forms, youa��ve got to check it out, pronto. Joining the slowly growing number of cafes, such as Infinitea, My Tea House and Tea Brew, is Tea Trails, which opened its doors last week. Located a few buildings away from Starbucks in Koramangala, the cafe is already present in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi and Vizag.
    The interiors are cheerful and welcoming, with large French doors, whitewashed walls, and sunshine yellow and turquoise accents. The menu is extensive and includes a wide array of teas from oolong and white teas to chais and specials such as Japanese Sencha and South African Red Tea.
    We started with the Buttered Apple Tea, which shares space with Orange Spice and Moroccan Mint, under the section titled a�?Flavoured Teaa��. Just whata��s needed on a windy, overcast evening, the drink was like apple pie in a cup, with hints of cinnamon and slices of apple adding depth and flavour.
    If youa��re looking for the whole package, opt for their tea services, which range from Indian, Japanese, and Chinese to British, and Taiwanese. We chose to go with the Indian version, which came with a cup of masala tea, veg pakoras and bun maska. While the tea was a little too strongly flavoured for our taste, it was well made. The pakoras were crispy, fresh and golden brown. The bun maska, however, is not recommended if you do not like the taste of gulkand. The traditional Indian rose preserve is added to the butter, giving it a jarring taste, which may not be for everyone.
    The food section is also equally comprehensive, and features a host of dishes infused with tea. We sampled the Nachos with Salsa and Guacamole, which is a different take from what we are used to. While ours was missing the quintessential guac, the dish was served with a generous helping of cheese sauce, and a small bowl of tangy salsa. Youa��d want to finish the nachos quickly, or the ones at the bottom will end up getting soggy, which can be rather off putting.
    The cafe also has a decent number of breakfast dishes with options like Tea Marbled Eggs, Tea Pancake and Scrambled Tofu, apart from salads, soups, mains (risottos, khao suey, cheese platters), and favourites including Vada Pav, Kheema Pav and Egg Kejriwal.
    Rs 400 for two. At 80 feet Road, Koramangala. Details: 9686444366

    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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