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    Sunburn comes to Pondicherry with Sartek, Zaeden, Sleepwalker and Prashanth Amir .

    PONDIcherry is ready for one of the biggest EDM festivals in the country, Sunburn Reload, with DJs, Sartek & Zaeden, from Delhi, DJ Sleepwalker from the French town and DJ Prashant Amir from Chennai. Talking trends,  Prashanth Amir, who started his career 11 years ago, he says, “Tropical House is the new EDM, and is gaining popularity across the world. How do I know this? I don’t go to nightclubs to party, but to observe and listen to what the DJ is playing.”
    Currently tied up with Global Sounds, Amir will be headlining the event at Ashok Beach Resort tomorrow. “During my gigs, I break down my EDM beats and push it to bring out R&B, a trick which my listeners like to hear,” he signs off.
    Rs 800 onwards. Details: 9941622066

    — Kairvy  Grewal


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