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The showers brought in relief and the city partied away merrily to mark the moment

Just like the monsoon showers, the National Green Tribunala��s stay order for the cutting of trees around the KBR Park has come as a relief to many nature lovers who know cutting of more than 3,000 trees will be detrimental to the entire ecosystem. After all, these are the lungs of Hyderabad.
The ring ceremony of Saakshi and Tejas at The Park Hyatt was bestowed with blessings of loved ones and well wishers. Dressed in aqua green, Saakshi was a perfect match to Tejas who looked dazzling in a dark navy blue Jodhpuri style outfit. The smiles on their face said it all. They were looking forward to an exciting journey together.
Gold always stands apart and its beauty was reinstated by the evergreen love and charming couple – Koyal and Anup. Dressed in copper gold, they were all out telling the world they are made for each other.
Whata��s the best to welcome the monsoons? The party loving girls of Hyderabad know it best. Catching up over some lip smacking delicacies in no-fuss attire were Shweta, Aarti, Trushna, Donna, Archana and Tammana.
Meanwhile, Kalyan and Oleesya told the world what a love-struck couple they were. Filled with vibrancy, the couple always spread their soothing vibes around. Oleyssa in an Indo-Western outfit in green and red was simply the best.
Tip of the week: Drinking water from copper jars helps replenish essential minerals in our body and improves metabolism.


(The writer runs her own organic cafe, spa, salon Meghavi and is a A�people’s person with a pulse on the city’s happenings)


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