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Noroxin how much TapChief answers all your queries about demonetisation

Since 8/11, the demonetisation drive has sent many a citizen into a tizzy.

Even smaller entrepreneurs who arenai??i??t guilty of hoarding money are trying to figure out simpler ways to go about their daily business.

To answer such queries from individuals and businesses, TapChief ai??i?? an online advice portal is offering financial advice.

ai???We have an extremely naive audience, some of who do not know how to open a corporate bank account,ai??? says Shashank Murali, co-founder and CEO. ai???Many individuals from small and medium enterprises who deal with exports and imports have called asking for our advice on dealing with this issue,ai??? he adds.

Essentially, entrepreneurs in the age group of 20-30 who own start-ups, form the majority of callers.

Anyone who has a query can log onto the website or download the app. TapChief works through three steps: The user keys in their query in the pop-up chat box, and the query is passed on to TapChiefai??i??s team of experts.

While doing this, users get to choose any of the financial experts listed.

The experts call back in 60 minutes for a discussion to help solve the issue. ai???We usually donai??i??t charge any amount. But a few experts charge a minimum of Rs 250 for consultation depending on the question submitted,ai??? says Murali.

So far, since the start of the demonetisation drive, TapChief (which also helps with marketing and career advice), has recorded a jump of over 40 per cent in the number of financial and demonetisation queries submitted and solved.

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