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    Every day should be Womena��s day. But okay men, wea��ll give it to you. Tomorrow is International Womena��s Day. Go ahead and take this one day to tell us how much you love us, just so long as you promise to respect us every single day after that.

    Girls, ladies, mature and immature women alike all have role models. And I proudly proclaim that I have found mine. And she is lovely. Take it from an awkward kid who is now an awkward adult, Jennifer Lawrence (henceforth referred to as J Law. Not to be confused with eye candy Jude Law) is my super awkward yet super popular girl hero. So much so that I think I haveA� a girl crush on her. For various reasons!

    1. She loves pizza. She doesna��t just say it, she proved it at Mondaya��s Academy Awards where she scoffed down a free pizza slice faster than you can say The Hunger Games.
    2. She is as real as freshly squeezed nimbu paani. Unlike the robots in Hollywood/Bollywood who like to call themselves actresses, J Law totally works the crowd and the camera by waving wholeheartedly, arm jiggle and all. Always trust a girl with an arm jiggle, I say.
    3. She has foot in mouth syndrome. That only means she is human. J Law either by accident or design, always manages to say what she wantsA� even at the cost of sounding a bit crazy.
    4. She reacts like a five-year-old sometimes a�� she freaked out when someone nearly spoiled the finale of Homeland for her. (Worth a watch on YouTube by the way).
    5. She admits to a�?wanting to punch people who love exercising, in the face.a�?
    6. She acts star-struck when she seesA� Jeff Bridges. Imagine what will happen with Justin Timberlake whom she had a mega crush on through herA� growing years.
    7. She literally falls so much all over the place a�� on the red carpet, on her way to accept the biggest acting award in the world and probably to and from the shower as well. But she never stays down. This one keeps getting up.
    8. Shea��s the type of girlA� who can pull off a fat suit on Halloween and then dress up as a witch, fake cheeks, ugly hair, mole and all.
    Okay J Law, I love you, youa��re my hero. Thanks for being my imperfectly perfect role model. Ita��s a new cool world and you rock it!

    a�� Shagufta Ahmed (shagufta.ahmed@indigo919.in)
    Author is an RJ and creative executive at Radio Indigo


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