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From nannari sherbat to bhoomadevi coffee, the four-month-old Mission CafA� is a quick stop for traditional refreshers

mission5There are more than enough cafes in Pondicherrya��starting from Zuka on Mission Street to the omnipresent CafA� Coffee Day chain. But there is always room for something new, believes K A Saravanan, 41, who recently opened a vegetarian option, Mission CafA�. The four-month-old cafA� on Mission Street serves both traditional and contemporary food. a�?After school, I always used to have nannari sherbat, but now I do not find it everywhere in Pondicherry. So I decided to serve dishes that a�?once upon a timea�� were very famous here. I personally do not like aerated drinks. So, you will not find any at the cafA�. WeA� serveA� kutti samosa and guruji sherbat, which is simply buttermilk mixed with chaat masala. That is how the North Indians like it,a�? explains the owner and Pondy native.
For munchies, besides the traditional almond ladooa��groundA�A� almonds mixed with honeya��they have homemade cookies, brownies and chocolate cake baked by an Aurovillian homemaker from italy, Tamaru. Do not miss their paninis, quiches and mushroom tarts, with special options for vegans, too. Wash these down with a chocolate or vanilla milkshake or try their health drink, kombucha, made from mushroom extract. However, the main attraction is their coffeesa��popular ones being coffee mittai (white hot chocolate with a dash of south Indian coffee decoction), summer coffee, (a cold coffee) and bhoomadevi coffee, the famous degree coffee served in a davara (bowl used to serve coffee). a�?We also bring in different varieties of bread from Auroville,a�? says Saravanan, who plans to open twoA� branches along the East Coast soon.

The cafA� is open from 6 am to 9.30 pm. Meal per head at A�Rs. 220-250. Details: 0413 4204210

-Mrinalini Sundar


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