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    Explore Odisha textiles and its original motifs at Basava

    What Kanjeevaram is to South India, Sambhalpuri ikat silk is to Odisha. The prints, its authentic and elegant designs are hugely popular world over. But Odishaa��s traditional textile is beyond ikat. Therea��s jala, bomkai, siminoi, habaspuri and kotpad that the contemporary fashion world is largely ignorant of, and is on its way to extinction thanks to the lack of awareness.
    Over the past eight years, designer Gunjan Jain, through her alternate design studio Vriksh, has taken the lead in exploring Odiya textiles, creating contemporary designs using artistic abilities of traditional handloom weavers and natural materials. She will be showcasing her collection here in Bengaluru.
    2a�?The collection mostly comprises what we have worked on for over the years across the different districts of the state. Almost every district offers unique handwoven textiles; we also work a lot with the tribals of the region. We wanted to explore textiles beyond the Sambhalpuri ikat, and work with lesser known fabrics. The collection features tussar, jala, and the rare bomkai with original motifs,a�? Jain explains. Ever since she began working with weavers in Odisha, Jain has stayed away from being a designer who hands over sheets of papers to weavers to get the job done, and has instead built an egalitarian partnership with them in the design process.
    Among the different weaving techniques and fabrics, Jain and her team have intervened significantly in the famed tussar jala work. a�?The sari is a very dynamic garment and it can be draped in more than 150 ways, even as a patloon, and an evening gown. I have been fascinated about how the tribals wear their sari, and try and incorporate it in my style,a�? Jain says.
    Rs.3,500 onwards. January 22-25.
    At Basavangudi. 10.30 am-7.30 pm. Details: 26561940
    a�� Nandini Kumar


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