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    Expect experimental flavours and potent cocktails at this restaurant Buy plaquenil cheap

    Only a handful of restaurants in Bengaluru provide the illusion of a quick getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city. Indira Nagarai??i??s 100Ft Boutique Bar and Restaurant is a fine example.
    While this place has been around for eons, the reason for us to revisit this old-timer is their new menu launching in mid-February. The chefs have tried to include the core elements of Mediterr-anean cuisine, but the new menu tends to lean towards experimental flavours and dishes borrowed from Thai, South African and French cooking. foodanchor2
    We began our meal with their new concoctions ai??i?? Bad time ai??i?? a mix of whisky, Kahlua, ginger, lime juice and cola,
    100ft Chapman ai??i?? orange juice, orange chunks, orange cordial, Sprite, angostura bitter and cucumber, and Playboy ai??i?? whisky, jalapenos, mint, lime wedges and triple sec.
    The light tinge of coffee and chocolate in Bad time is enhanced with the slight bitterness lent by the Kahlua. The 100ft Chapman is a refreshing mix thatai??i??s recommended for summer but you need to be prepared for the calories.foodanchor1
    Playboy, though a whisky-based cocktail, is for those who like it light. Itai??i??s the interesting addition of jalapeno that makes this a must-try. But we must warn you ai??i?? both the whisky cocktails are highly potent!
    Into the sea
    From the food menu, we were served the Thai potak soup ai??i?? a thin soup of clam, shrimp and squid. The pungent broth is simmered in the juices of the shellfish. Next, we sampled the Four cheese melon salad with honey roasted fig dressing.
    foodanchor4Featuring four different kinds of cheese with musk and watermelon, this is a meal on its own. From the appetisers we picked the Croquettes de champinones,
    Tomato and cheese triangle, and flavoured French fries (read Peri peri fries). All three quick eats can be paired with your drinks for a small meal.
    It was the main course that really got us salivating. For vegetarians, the Wild mushroom and sundried tomato gratin is a must-try. The crepes stuffed with wild
    mushroom and sundried tomato gratinated cheese and served with roasted plum and creamy cheese sauce, are simply sinful.
    For pork lovers, we recommend the BBQ marinated bacon -wrapped chicken and the Pork chops. Mind you, the sauce used for pork chops is what caught our attention. A mix of dates, chillies and raisins, it makes for an interesting medley of sweet and spicy flavours. We wrapped up things up with their signature Tiramisu ai??i?? a fitting end to the memorable meal.

    The new menu launches on February 20. Rs 1500++ for two.
    Details: 8880432000

    ai??i?? Ayesha Tabassum


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