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    Voice-over artiste, former RJ and singer Paramita Bhattacharjee believes radio is not the place to go for just music. a�?For that, there is YouTube. You can hear just so much music on radio because the same songs are getting replayed but yes, people tune into radio stations for entertainment, for quirky and original RJs, for crank calls and easy laughs. We cannot also complain that only Bollywood is being played on the airwaves because that is what we are fed at every turn,a�? she says.

    Paramitaa��s personal connect with radio began with a radio ad for Air Deccan in 2008. Over 60 radio jingles followed and she did voice-over spots for various mobile service providers as well. Eventually, she found herself hosting a Hindi show at WorldSpace, the best part of which was interviewing musicians she really respected.

    She recalls, a�?Being a singer myself, I was over the moon when I got a chance to speak to music composer Amit Trivedi and to even sing with him in the studio! And of course, the erudite Kailash Kher who spoke such chaste Hindi that I had to stop him time and again becauseA�playing Hindi songs, she moved on to Bengali music for a private radio channel and says, a�?it educated me so much about different genres.

    Today, when I hear the prelude of a Bengali song, I know just which song it is.a�?A�She also gave her voice to documentaries but the love for music was intense and compelling. She says, a�?Post motherhood, I am working on the scratch of a song which will reflect my musical passion for semi-classical strains, jazz, blues and sufi. It will be a fusion track and I hope to put it on SoundCloud and YouTube. I want to get back to the rush of live performances.a�? Clearly, she loves radio but she loves making music even more!

    a��Reema Moudgil


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