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    With The Big Kahuna, Indiranagar can now boast of two Tiki-inspired bars

    There must be something appealing about dimly lit places. Maybe the food looks better, or the people are more comfortable, Ia��ll never know. But I do know this that when the lights are down, and the music comes on, even the plainest of cocktails can taste divine. Having said that, the cocktails at The Big Kahuna arena��t plain. While the food here is quintessential bar food, which wea��ll come to later, the drinks deserve some credit. I wouldna��t call them exotic, except for the names, but they certainly know how to balance flavours at the bar.
    The good mixFood9lead2Food9lead4
    Try the honi honi, a mix of bourbon, spices, and their a�?secreta�� in-house syrup. Ita��s refreshing, ever so slightly bitter, which cuts out the chance of it becoming too sweet. In fact, none of the cocktails here are sweeter than necessary, which is such a blessing. Take for example the twisted guava, made with rum (light, and gold), yet another a�?secreta�� spice mix, and guava juice. It was so good that I almost ordered another one. And cocktails with guava juice can become a tad heavy; this one isna��t.
    Next, we tried the suffering b******d, and eastern sour. Both the drinks were spot on. While the former, which can get you seriously high, has three different kinds of rum, lime, some liqueur, and a hint of cucumber, which adds a whole lot of freshness, the latter is made with bourbon, muddled oranges, lemon, and topped with ice.
    The food isna��t the most unique thing youa��d have seen or eaten, and yet each of the dishes has some interesting element or the other. The wiki wiki wings, which is fried chicken wings, is spiced with kasundi (mustard sauce), which I thought was a brilliant idea. The slight pungency of the mustard, along with chilli flakes and honey, alters the otherwise standard-issue barbecued wings.
    Even the smoked chicken nachos were a surprise. Served hot, the nachos were fresh, and the chipotle smoked chicken strips were actually smoked, and not just tossed around in a wok. That, and beans, chilli sauce, sour cream, and Mexican salsa makes this one an addictive appetiser. I also tried a tasting platter of Italian sliders that were too bland for me, and the aloha chicken cheese spring rolls, which were just about alright. Ia��d go back to the wings and nachos any day.Food9lead3
    Wrap it up
    I dona��t expect people to eat much of a main course here; more food in smaller portions work so much better when cocktails are doing the rounds. But if you do feel like ordering some more food, dig into their Asian Food9lead5curries, pasta, or their burgers. Therea��s a decent selection for vegetarians too. But dona��t forget to try their snicker bar dessert. It makes you feel good about yourself, even when the lights are low.
    Rs 1,400 (for two). At 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar.
    Details: 69990180
    a�� Priyadarshini Nandy


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