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    A few years ago, listening to Hindi music on a breakfast time slot in the city would have been impossible. All that changed when Fever 91.9 debuted in Chennai. RJ Sindhu is the brand new voice behind Ready Steady Po. And her style of presenting and her approach towards the listener is extremely warm and easy on the ears. Here are excerpts from our chat.

    How is it to host the breakfast show on a Bollywood station in Chennai?
    Like eating hot aloo paranthas with mangaa urgai. Thata��s how I feel when I am hosting my show every day. It is a new city to me and a Bollywood music station is new to Chennai. We are enjoying each othera��s company. The city has made me feel good and has accepted me. I am extremely thrilled about it.

    How has the listener response been?
    Both my voice and style of RJing is new to Chennaia��s ears. The response has been overwhelming. I am drowning in all the love the city has shown me. Talking about the music, ita��s like a splash of cold water on a hot summer day. Chennai was waiting for something different and Fevera��s offering of Bollywood music sealed the void.

    As a host, would you say that Chennai listens to a lot of Bollywood music?
    I would say Fever 91.9 FM has got Chennai to listen to Bollywood music. People from all walks are able to relate to the music we play. Though a lot of our listeners are not hard-core Bollywood junkies, they are humming tunes of Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal. So it is extremely gratifying to know that the music I pick is being loved by the city.

    Whata��s in store on Ready Steady Po in the coming month?
    Ready Steady Po is now on a a�?Go Team Indiaa�? mode. Elections are around the corner and we want to go all out and influence people to vote. We want to create more awareness among people about how powerful their vote is. So ita��s mostly going to be a�?Ready Steady Votea��.

    See you next week.

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