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    From left, The foam party at The Park &Surendran J, Sidra Jafri, Puja Gupta

    Puja Gupta, Life by Design and Success Gyan, helped kick-start the week with an a�?Awakening workshopa�� by motivational speaker Sidra Jafri at Westin Velachery. a�?You will never see the world in the same way again, once you hear her speaka��, is the quote I read somewhere, so for some of us expectations were high. With the increasing popularity of life coaches, ita��s tough to sift through all of the information and find the one that works for you. What was great about Jafri was that she kept it simple. Instead of abstract ideologies, it was seven principles that you can put into practice. She stressed on the importance of visualisation followed by action. Hoping for something is great, but you play a part in making it happen. Members of the audience also got to interact with her in one-on-one sessions where she identified the issue that had them a�?stucka��. The crowd included everyone from young entrepreneurs to socialites, all hoping to a�?reach their true potentiala�� and get the best out of life.

    DJ Someguy

    DJ Someguy

    Introspection was followed by celebration with the The Park marking their 13th birthday over the weekend. As usual there was something for everyone, with varying degrees of entertainment. At The Leather Bar it was a Back to School theme party with the bartenders and staff dressed in school uniforms. White shirts, ties, suspenders, you get the picture. Even guests were encouraged to turn up in their nerdy best, with many showing off plaid skirts and geeky glasses. For those who were in the mood for more action, there was the foam party at Aqua with international DJ Luke along with DJ Someguy. Besides enjoying the music, the crowd went crazy, covered in several feet of foam, which by the end of it was all over the place. The a�?sudsya�� chaos continued into the night with several people even ending up in the pool. The last leg of the party was at Pasha with the Techno Smasher event featuring DJs Shiv Moon, Calm Chor and Starteq.

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