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    The Chinese action maestro is out with yet another adventure, Skiptrace.

    The second highest-paid actor in the world (from the Forbes list), Jackie Chan, is back with the movie Skiptrace where he plays a Hong Kong-based detective. The film, which reached number one on its China opening, is an action comedy about an American gambler (Johnny Knoxville) and a detective (Chan) who team up to battle against a mysterious criminal named The Matador. While reports suggest thatA�ChanA�might be on the hunt for an Indian actress for the sequel to the movie, the 62-year-oldA�actorA�is workingA�with Asian star Fan Bingbing in this one (another Forbes regular). More from the actor about his latest outing:

    Your first impression of co-star Johnny Knoxville?
    Hea��s like a Chris Tucker mixed with Owen Wilson. A very funny guy.

    On Knoxville performing his
    own stunts…
    Johnny expressed to me that he wanted to perform his own stunts. When I perform a stunt personally, I know even if I get hurt, Ia��ll be okay. Ia��ve worked with many actresses and actors who prefer using a stunt double, which I do encourage in some cases. Johnny was very adamant about doing the stunts himself and impressed me with his ability to bounce back after doing complicated setups. Very few actors can do that with a smile on their face.

    What is the film about?
    Fan Bingbinga��s character is my niece. Johnnya��s character is a scumbag. I help Fana��s character chase Johnnya��s character from Russia back to Hong Kong. During this chase, instead of trains, planes or cars, our means of transportation includes horses, donkeys, boats and other unusual ways of getting from point A to point B. Ita��s crazy.

    Your movies have a moral in spite of being action packed…
    I love action, but I hate violence. There is so much violence in the world, from video games and from other movies. I want my movies to have a message of peace, and of helping each other.

    Ever think of taking a break from the industry?
    Ia��ve wanted to retire for a long, long time! But people keep offering me good scripts… although not for romance films!
    Skiptrace is releasing today

    Acting vs directing
    When I direct, the film is like my baby. I have to make sure there is comedy but no dirty comedy, and a positive message. I like people to believe the stunts are real a�� ita��s not like Spider-Man or Iron Man where a 20-minute scene can be pure CGI. I want it to be believable.

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