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    Malin Ai??kerman tells us you definitely donai??i??t want to get on her characterai??i??s bad side with Ai??Season 2 of Billions

    If Blondes have more fun, few do it better than Malin Ai??kerman. We loved her in Couples Retreat co-starring with Vince Vaughn and letai??i??s not forget the rock ‘n’ roll job she did as reporter and love interest of Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages. Did we mention she also fronted a rock band at one point?

    The actor who has now moved on full throttle into television as Lara Axelrod, wife of hedge fund kingpin, Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis) in Billions. The Swedish stunner letai??i??s us in on whatai??i??s in store for fans on Season 2.

    We loved that crimson number you wore at the premiere party of Billions the other night. Is Season 2 as red hot?
    Thank you (smiles). Yes, itai??i??s going to be very exciting and a very tense season. There will be a lot more of those big rival moments between Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) and Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis). But what Iai??i??m more excited about is that, we get to add a little more to the characters this season. Bobby and Lara were seen as this impenetrable superhero couple before, but they get humanised a bit more and youai??i??ll get to watch them navigate new obstacles.
    Your character Lara Axelrod is not somebody to be messed…
    Oh, you donai??i??t want to get on her bad side. I think she operates from a place of family first. You know, she will do anything to protect her family. I personally wouldnai??i??t go about things the way that she does. (Laughs) Iai??i??m more of a kill ai??i??em with kindness kind of girl, but, she definitely stands up for what she believe in, whether itai??i??s right or wrong. Thereai??i??s something to be respected about that.

    Order cytoxan drug It must be intense working on such a heavy duty drama set…
    Somehow when you’re doing drama, I think everyone needs a good laugh in between takes. So, we actually get a lot of giggles on set.

    Working on TV is crazy hectic, do you get any time to watch TV?
    I have a toddler at home. So we end up watching more kids shows than anything else. But one show that I binge watched recently was The Night Of, which I thought was incredible.

    Since itai??i??s February, what did you get up to on Valentineai??i??s Day?
    (Laughs) I actually spent it with my brother!

    Billions Season 2 premieres on AXN on February 25 at 11 pm.
    ai??i?? Sonali Shenoy


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