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    Celebrate Christmas with goodies made from secret family recipes and fine ingredients

    From a meat-based delicacy to becoming a decadent pudding for the festive season, the pudding has come a long way. We suggest top-notch bakers who will make your holiday more sinful and a whole lot more delicious. Text: Aakanksha Devi

    Shisham Hinduja
    PA?tissier of Happy Belly Bakes, Hindujaa��s cake is divine. a�?We soak raisins, dates and walnuts in brandy and rum for over six months. Then, we slow bake it, garnish it with decorative marzipan and add more alcohol to retain the moisture and soften further,a�? explains Hinduja. She also makes plum cupcakes because a�?you just want to have a smaller slice sometimesa��. Cakes start at Rs.900 per kilo and cupcakes at Rs.80.
    Details: 9845011638

    Picture 017Aparna George
    Owner of Belly and Soul, George is traditional, soaking fruits a�� cherries, lemon and orange peel, cashews and almonds, in rum for two months. Offering them singly or in hampers, her Christmas treats are sinfully laden with butter. Cakes themselves start at Rs.700 for 500 gms and hampers start at Rs.350 with muffins, gingerbread and a fruit cake loaf. Details: 9886118458

    Charmaine Saldanha
    Using her grandmothera��s recipe, Saldhana of Charma��s Homemade Goodness gives you unadulterated, a�?nice and boozya�� cake! a�?Raisins, cherries and lemon peels, soaking since last year, go into the cake,a�? she shares, adding that her brothera��s wedding cake from 10 years ago is still going strong. At Rs.900. Details: 9845002181

    1212Food9Lead07Michelle Gafoor
    This boutique baker makes limited quantities of cake during this festive season a�� only till December 20. The cake is made from a traditional family recipe handed down over four generations and is fruity, dark coloured made with a mix of minced, candied mixed peel, candied dry fruits together with fruit jams, marmalade and caramelised sugar. Rs.325 for 500 gms and Rs.650 for a kilo. Details: 9845092630

    Maria Chengappa
    Using her grandmaa��s British recipe, Chengappaa��s cakes (Rs.700 a kilo) are all raisins, plums, ginger and cherries. But her DIY gingerbread house kit (Rs.350) containing the walls, roof, icing and cake board to assemble the house, caught our fancy. With detailed instructions, of course!Details: 9620944270

    1212Food9Lead11Durga Menon
    Following a European recipe with figs, walnuts and cranberry, Menon of Lluvia Bakery, says her creation is like a fruitcake. Avoiding Indian spices, a basic cake with organic flour starts at Rs.1,000 while wholly organic costs Rs.1,800 upwards a kilo. Try breads like cinnamon and raisin, and cherry, almond and fig too. Details: 8105162111


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