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    Alpana Gujral showcases her shoulder sweepers and trademark polkis at Evoluzione

    INTRICATE vintage designs inspired by the grandeur of the Mughal era and fused with contemporary aesthetics a�� jewellery designer Alpana Gujral clearly knows her audience. With her latest collection titled Gulbahaar, depicting the colours of a garden, Gujral is back in the city (she was here last September at Evoluzione). Explaining the title, she says, a�?The collection has many coloured stones in it like rubies, emeralds, sapphires, coral, turquoise and amethyst, to bring out all the colours of a garden. And I have used a lot of pearls to portray the white oleander.a�?
    Classic style
    Motifs like flowers and birds abound, the limited-edition collection includes earrings, necklaces, jhumkas, bracelets and rings set in 22 carat gold with polkis and minimal use of silver. There are also sets of shoulder sweepers that Gujral has attempted for the first time. a�?I think polki (uncut diamond), has a lot more beauty and sensuality than a full cut diamond, which has this European essence and a cold vibe to it,a�? she says. With clients ranging from 20 to 75 year olds, Gujral assures these are timeless pieces that can be worn by anyone. Keeping the festive season in mind, the pieces are elaborate but tweaked a bit for the Chennai audience. Gujral explains, a�?People in Delhi wear far more elaborate pieces than people in Chennai. So the collection Ia��m bringing here is a little more understated and pertinent for this market.a�?
    Regal detailing
    Gujral works with traditional craftsmen from Rajasthan who are experts at jadau. Designed for modern day royalty, each extravagant, hand-made piece requires four to six months to create and does not follow a commercial pattern. a�?I think the modern angular forms give a lot of harshness to a piece of jewellery. Nature inspired designs make you look delicate and beautiful,a�? says the daughter of renowned artist, Satish Gujral. She also creates headpieces and armlets on order. a�?The showcase is not just about purchasing, but is also an education to people on how differently jewellery can be made,a�? she signs off. Priced from Rs.25,000. Details: 28333627

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