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    Edgy sounds rock the scene at IIFA Stomp in Spain, as Bollywood’s finest celebrate cinema.

    Bollywood’s finest head to Europe’s golden metropolis, as this year marks the 17th edition of the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards—a spectacular three-day celebration of Indian cinema. They’ve tied up with Spain’s most prominent ‘urban trends’ event, MulaFest, to provide a window into India’s alternative culture.At a special stage named IIFA Stomp, top Indian acts like The Raghu Dixit Project will perform alongside indigenous bass musicians like Nucleya and DJs Clement & Sumit Sethi. We speak to a few of the headlining artistes to find out what they have in store for the two-day long MulaFest, which begins today.

    Reimagining electronica
    Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj, popularly known as Midival Punditz are true pioneers of Indian electronica. Even after two decades in the industry—multiple chart-topping singles, four globally renowned albums and composing for movies like Karthik Calling Karthik—their tour calendar is packed. “Tapan and I treat music as a language. That’s how we stay relevant. By making music that’s honest, simple and universal,” explains Raina, who will be joined on stage by the legendary Indian-American composer/ percussionist Kale (who has worked with Grammy icons like Sting and Norah Jones). Their 90-minute live performance will be a confluence of Indian classical/folk music, underground drum n’ bass and electronica. “While Karsh may be performing tunes (like Shiva) from his new solo album Up, we’re hoping to play a mix of our all-time hits including Bhangra Fever and new tunes like Baanwarey,” shares Raina who
    is off to San Sebastian for a break after this show, while adding that MulaFest will mark the international debut of their new album Light.

    The thump
    Known for their signature blend of Indian bass music and orchestral sounds, the first Indian act to perform at Coachella, now heads to MulaFest. Meet B.R.E.E.D, a future avant-garde bass music act, comprising of underground music DJ-producer Ritesh D’Souza and classically-trained vocalist Tara Mae. “Besides our new vocal single Diamonds X Square, we will be dropping five new unreleased tracks from our (untitled) forthcoming EP,” shares D’Souza, currently based out of Los Angeles. Having just played at California’s popular summer festival Lightning in the Bottle to a sold out crowd of over 20,000 people – “After Spain, our tour calendar mainly consists of the upcoming EP release tour with shows across the US, India and Europe,” concludes Mae.
    Till June 26, in Madrid, Spain, Details: mulafest.com

    — Anoop Menon


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