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Digital princess, Malini Agarwal, takes all her blogging action to the telly with a new reality show

T might seem like just yesterday when MissMalini began grabbing eyeballs with her views on fashion, Bollywood, travel and food. But the blogger in question, Malini Agarwal, has been at it since 2008, steadily adding up followers a�� three million at last count. Now Agarwal and team are invading your living room with a a�?Keeping up with the Kardashians meets TMZa�� kind of reality show on TLC. The first part of the 13-episode series, MissMalinia��s World, aired last Friday, and featured the former RJ and her gang a�� a team of 14, which includes her husband and CEO, Nawshad Rizwanullah a�� getting a makeover and attending the Bangalore Fashion Week.

On the sets
Known for her happy vibe, Agarwal, 37, can upload video clips, pictures and keep up a live Twitter feed with unflagging enthusiasm. This possibly makes her a good reality TV candidate. Taking her viewers behind the scenes of movies and fashion weeks, she already has an impressive line-up on her show a�� from Shah Rukh Khan and Abhishek Bachchan and the rest of the Happy New Year cast a�� a�?a�?it took us eight hours of waiting but was worth it,a��a�� she confesses a�� to Alia Bhatt. Sometimes criticised for her style of a�?positive reportinga�� Agarwal says she has no intention of being nasty on her show like her Western counterparts.

Talking shop
Meanwhile, having turned the blog into a lucrative revenue model, Rizwanullah, 34, is clear about protecting his wifea��s role as an influencer. a�?a�?Ours is reality content created for the internet generation,a��a�� he insists, adding that a line of jewellery, clothes and party games will be launched on the show. As for the challenge of TV, the Harvard and Yale graduate namesA� the boot camp he was sent to, which will be telecast soon. For Agarwal, one of the most popular bloggers in the country, talking to celebrities can be a�?a�?intimidating and very scary.a��a�� But she loves reality TV, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, and promises a a�?a�?glamorous, fun and fashionable show.a��a�� A�Fridays, 7.30 pm, on TLC.
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