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    Follow these stay-at-home sons on Mamaa��s Boys of the Bronx

    Anthony, Frankie, Giovanni, Peter and Chip are good-looking, Italian, working men in their 30s, with a sense of style, who all live with their mothers. Their lives at home are documented in the upcoming TLC show Mamaa��s Boys of the Bronx.
    Examining the relationship between the boys and their mothers, the eight-episode series captures the everyday life of these proud Italian-American men who grew up together. And while the mothers would love to see their sons married off to a�?good Italian girls,a�� they are perfectly happy having their precious boys at home until then.

    Creature comforts
    Thirty-six-year-old Anthony gave up his position as manager of a car dealership to produce a cartoon about the crazy guys he grew up with, titled Da Neighborhood. Frankie, 38, a hopeless romantic is a reformed street kid a�?looking to marry a girl just like his mum, Gina, and start a familya��. A stereotypical Italian,A� proud of his looks, Frankie feels living with his Mum is acceptable. a�?We come from the Bronx, a traditional old Italian neighbourhood. You live at home until you get married,a�? he says, adding he is in no rush to tie the knot. a�?Ia��ve got my mother to take care of me, why am I gonna get married,a�? he reasons.

    Chip is a spoiled brat with mood swings who is on a quest to conquer the fitness world and Giovanni is an aspiring fashion designer who dreams of being the next Christian Audigier, designing clothes by night and pushing cannoli by day. His mother recently passed away, so Giovanni now lives with his aunt who also a�?takes good care of hima��.

    The first episode has Peter, a maths teacher, hunting for a ring for his better half. The 28-year-old is hoping to get hitched to longtime girlfriend, Grazia. a�?Ia��ve been with my girl for four and half years now. So, despite her grouse with my drinking and smoking, Ia��ve decided to propose to her,a�? says the romantic, who is hoping to pick out a white gold ring for his love.

    Giving you a glimpse into the Italian-American culture in the Bronx, the five men are portrayed at work, at home, out on the town and on a�?their streeta��, Arthur Avenue.

    Catch the escapades and either learn from them or revel in the luck of these Mamas boys. Premieres on July 7 at 10 pm

    A�a��Aakanksha Devi and Rashmi Rajagopal


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