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    Sarika Giria talks about her passions

    AN emotional and bitter-sweet tale about a relationship between a mother and her unborn son, told through a series of letters the mother writes to her unborn infant during her pregnancy forms the crux of Sarika Giria debut novel – Memories are Forever.
    “A number of men have said, ‘You’re the first one to make me cry,” she begins, talking about her readers’ reaction to her book that hit the stands recently. “I wanted a career that was flexible and gave me enough time to spend with my kids and husband. And writing a novel seemed perfect as I have always been interested in writing and even had my articles published as a child,” she tells us.

    Down to business
    The book was inspired by a letter she had written to her older son before she went into labour for the second. “My son was so scared when he found out I was going to the hospital. He quite possibly thought I wasn’t going to come back. And my hormones were all over the place so I wrote him a letter,” she laughs. But it was a piece of advice from bestselling author Jeffrey Archer that got her to sit down and start working on her novel seriously. “His simple words were, ‘If you want to write a book, just pick up a pen and start writing.’ And that was all I needed,” shares Giria, who prefers working with a pen and paper rather than a computer.

    Travelling the world
    Giria’s writing has also been influenced by her travels – places as diverse as the golden San Francisco, buzzing Times Square, majestic Rajasthan, the historic Rome and the breathtaking  Great Ocean Road in Melbourne.

    The book (Rs.150) is available on infibeam.com

    —Rashmi Rajagopal


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