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Soak up some Mozart and Beethoven, together with insights into Kafka and Beckett, at Gratitude

NOW head to Gratitude Heritage Home, the French colonial house in Pondicherry, not only for theirhome stay but also to sample their cultural events. Soon after opening the resort in 2010, the owners Jyoti and Kakoli, set up a cozy inner courtyard for artists and authors. This week, they have a concert by Chloe, Holger and Nandaprem and two monologues by Nikolaus Deutsch, from Germany. The show, today and tomorrow, is being managed by Anungla, a writer and song writer.

Nikolaus Deutsch

Nikolaus Deutsch

According to Holger, 55, a German, the three musicians will be presenting compositions by Beethoven and Mozart. a�?In western classical music, and in jazz, a collaboration of musicians is usually sporadic and limited to a particular project. Often musicians meet for a project and if it is successful in any way, they may meet later. But we worked relentlessly on this programme for about six weeks.a�? As for the performance that will go on for an hour and 20 minutes, a�?I expect that it will help us dive deeper into Beethovena��s, Telemanna��s and C P E Bacha��s psychologies,a�? says Chloe, 29, from Canada.

The three are influenced by various artistesa�� right from the famous J S Bach, W A Mozart, Richard Strauss, Yes, Gentle Giant, Keith Jarret, Steve Reich, Maarten Visser to Hariprasad Chaurasia andA� Emmanuel Pahud. Coming to the two monologues, Deutsch, 70, tells us that the performance is based on literature and he chose the two European writers a�� Franz Kafka and Samuel Beckett for the reason that both of them have contributed to the art of storytelling, with unusual dimensions.

a�?It is tempting for a performer to use such material as it challenges the actor to serve or to proceed towards more dimensions,a�? says the actor and director of the monologue, who has named his performance a Philosophical Divertimento. a�? The performance will allow the audience to endow the presentation with their own imagination,a�? says Deutsch, a regular to Pondicherry since the 70s. Commenting on Indian theatre, he says, a�?I have seen beautiful theatre here and, besides the immense mythological and folklore performances, I favour the National School of Drama and the companies from Delhi.a�?

At Gratitude, today and tomorrow, from 7 pm onwards. Free entry. Details:A� 0413 2225029

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