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Penn Masala to spice up the weekend with their performance today

Born with the desire to create music that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, Penn Masala, the worlda��s first South Asian a cappella group has never failed to enthrall the crowd wherever they have performed. The15-member band formed in 1996 when students from the University of Pennsylvania decided to follow their passion.
The band comprises Anil Chitrapu, Aneesh Kanakamedala, Prashant Ramesh, Chetan Khanna,Praveen Rajaguru, Pranay Sharma, Brendan McManus, Kashish Hora, Hari Ravi, Nikhil Rama, Yamir Tainwala, Wrik Sinha, Vishnu Rachakonda, Atman Panigrahi and Sanjit Chakravarty.
a�?We started with a passion for music that explores the intersection of Western and Indian music as a means of celebrating the two unique cultures that the members grew up with,a�? says Hari Ravi.
The band has so far produced nine studio albums and have performed at various venues including the White House. Penn Masala was also featured in Elizabeth Banksa�� Pitch Perfect 2.
Although the group did not get their share of fame when they debuted, they managed to go viral through their YouTube videos. a�?The Evolution of Bollywood Music video on YouTube in 2014 was the perfect way to both reflect 18 years of Masala music and create novel content in an innovative format, which paved the way for many other opportunities,a�? says Pranay Sharma.
The band is in India for a tour of five cities. Terming their music as a�?innovative, fresh and passionate,a�� Praveen Rajaguru believes that though a cappella is relatively new genre in India, Hyderabad is one such destination that accepts any transformation in different forms of music. The band would head back to America after their final performance in Delhi on May 28.
Known for their unique way of approaching a song, the band recently launched their latest album titled The Antakshari Project on YouTube. However, there is more to come. a�?We have already begun recording some new music in studio for the next album,a�? says Praveen.
Brendan McManus, who had visited India four years ago in 2013, is all excited to entertain the fans in Hyderabad this weekend. a�?Hyderabad is home thousands of fans and we had an amazing time performing for them last time,a�? he added.
For the fans who are looking forward for a rocking performance, Hari informs that the band would be performing Tonight Ia��m Lovina�� You/Dilliwali Girlfriend, Chaiyya Chaiyya, and Yuhi Chala Chal for sure. They will be performing at Heart Cup Coffee, Kondapur on May 27 from 8 pm onwards. Details: www.pennmasala.com
a�� Nishad Neelambaran


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