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    The most-streamed music artiste on Spotify in 2014 heads to Mumbai

    Singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran has women of all ages, swooning and swaying to his ballads. As part of the Fly Music Festival, the Grammy-nominated Yorkshire lad will bring his voice and platinum hit songs such as The A Team and Lego House to Mumbai. We let you in on a few Sheeran secrets.

    ? Sheeran does not end a show without singing at least one mash-up or cover song. Ita��s become a tradition now. Recently, he did a mash-up of his track, Runaway and Backstreet Boysa�� Everybody. The former boy band was so chuffed that they tweeted: So awesome man!! @edsheeran Love your #RunawayEverybodyMashup!!a�?

    ? He has several tattoos, but they all have a meaning. On his + album tour, Sheeran got tattooed at every stop on the concert map. With over 30 tats now, including one designed by John Mayer, he says, a�?Ita��s all memories of whata��s happened in my career so far. It might look like gibberish to you.a�?

    ? Rather than use a band, this lone ranger picks the loop pedal as his most important tour buddy. Sheeran uses the RC-30, a multitrack looper with two synchronised stereo tracks and built-in loop effect, in most of his live performances. Its makers Roland, believe he is a a�?master of looping on the cusp of greatnessa�?. He also uses it in recorded music, like in Wayfaring Stranger and Small Bump.

    ? Sheeran uses the same guitar for both concerts and in the studio. He collaborated with 182-year-old guitar makers, CF Martin and Co, to create the LX1E Ed Sheeran Signature Edition. a�?Ita��s exactly the same guitar that I use live, on my albums X and +, and I can safely say ita��s awesome,a�? the singer Tweeted, last Wednesday.

    On March 1 at Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mumbai. Tickets (`3,750) upwards on
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