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The city has a tremendous energy for hobbies and passion which seems to conquer the sultry daysA�and bad traffic.

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If someone tells you this is a happening city, please agree with it. Things are happening, literally, all through the year. No wonder that I am always charged up in this environment.A�Talent and Hyderabad have become synonyms now.
I mean just looking at the number of singers who are doing so well on the state scene, be it in light music of film playback. I love the dedication and drive along with the amazing results one can witness on larger platforms.
Recently I travelled to Tirupati with music director MM Keeravani, the man who created waves with his music for Baahubali and his group. I felt lucky to be part of the group. There were two groups, one adult wing and another kids group that sang away in the concert and garnered tremendous applause. It suddenly struck me that it must have taken so much effort and sacrifices by the parents to make their kids learn, travel and perform. They have school, hobbies and competitive exams plus Hyderabad traffic to deal with.
Most of them stay far enough from their music classes and need to drive up and down for almost 45 minutes on aA�SundayA�when Telugu TV has the likes of Baahubali on telecast. Now that is a serious sacrifice. Ramachary of Little Musicians Academy who runs music classes says, “If we inculcate the habit of hardwork with the right attitude their effort will take them places. It is about life skills and not just a hobby”. Sounds perfect, for the whole thing will resonate in everything that they pursue.
On another note, we have sports academies sprouting up everywhere and not without reason. The number of champions our city has been producing is no small number. It is beyond playing sports for fitness and fun. Parents invest a lot ofA�time, energy and money into nurturing these sides. Whether it is badminton or singing, what’s amazing is in how families set aside so much of time to send their offspring to competitions and tournaments.
Their enthusiasm is inspiring. Despite the hectic activity, heat, long distance to travel, the passionate citizen seems to have time for everything – from conventional stuff to hobbies to performances to malls, food courts and fun.A�A�That’s what I call striking a balance beautifully on all fronts.


Swapna Sundari

a�� A�The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi)


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