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The 2Stroke Tour is back with Circus, and Street Stories

While the success of the first two editions of the 2Stroke Tour, which musician Uddipan Sarmah organised along with Bengaluru-based investor and co-founder Ramakrishnan Krishnan, is still fresh in our minds, the tour is back with livelier bands that promise a fun musical extravaganza.
The tour had kicked off with Chennai rockers Skrat, and Sarmaha��s band Aswekeepse-arching on a five-city tour in June last year. This was followed by a 10-day long eight-city tour featuring Kolkata-based pop rock band The Ganesh Talkies, and Mumbaia��s alternative rock band Last Remaining Light in September. a�?As music enthusiasts travelling for various music festivals across the country, we felt that the touring culture was lacking. And due to geographical barriers, we dona��t really get to hear an upcoming band from Bengaluru play in Shillong, and a band from Assam play here. Ita��s this gap that we wish to bridge with the tour,a�? explains Krishnan.
For the third edition that kicks off on March 2, the line-up comprises the three-piece band from Shillong called Street Stories, and Circus from Delhi. a�?While the band from Shillong is happy and upbeat, Circus brings a rock na�� roll feel to their music. They are known for their high energy and are quite funny on the stage. Both the bands will also be releasing their new EP during the tour,a�? Krishnan adds.
The name 2Stroke not only defines the energy and nimble power of a two-stroke engine but it also defines the conscious decision of the organisers who restrict the number of bands in the tour to just two. a�?Ita��s because of the costs. We keep the travelling number to about nine or ten and since we dona��t get sponsors on board and do everything ourselves, we wanted to restrict the number to just two. Thankfully so far the response has been good and people are curious to find out what 2Stroke Tour is all about,a�? he says.
The tour will kick off in Delhi, move to Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune in the first week and then head to Gurgaon, and Shillong, and concludes in Guwahati.
March 4. At The Humming Tree, Indiranagar. 9 pm. Tickets (Rs 400) on
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