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    Order silagra by cipla Thermal and A Quarter crowdfund an educational campaign

    In 1996, Thermal and Quarter stumbled onto the music scene and pretty much created the genre today known as ai???Bangalore-rockai???. This December marks their 20th anniversary and they are celebrating this occasion in a special way. ai???We want to get professional music education for underprivileged kids,ai??? says drummer Rajeev Rajagopal. They have started a crowdfunded campaign, No Wall Too High, to raise funds. Their goal is to collect 10 lakhs through the campaign, which will go towards this cause. ai???Although a lot of NGOs do very good work for children, we thought it would be meaningful if we, as artistes, did something that is close to our hearts,ai??? he adds.
    Their music school, Taaqademy is also completing six years and during this time, they have created many programmes for international schools in the city. ai???But music education was getting restricted to privileged kids, we want to expand the scope for that,ai??? explains Rajagopal.
    The programme will take place in a number of schools for underprivileged kids across the city, and will have a staff of six teachers from Taaqademy taking theory as well as practical lessons. The classes will be in a language that the kids can understand and the songs chosen based on what they identify with, like local music or movie songs. They want to train these children to think of making a career in music.
    Fans can avail small treats, like free passes, by contributing. If you donate bigger amounts like `50,000 or one lakh, you can get them to play in your living room or you can even compose a song with the band.
    They have received an overwhelming response for the campaign already, and popular musician Ehsaan Noorani too has signed up to support it. In fact, they have reached 65 per cent of the goal. ai???We need only `56 per child per month. So even small contributions can make a big differenceai??? Rajagopal sums up.

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