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Think Mangalore and the picture that flashes is of a steaming hot platter comprising Kori Gassi, Nei Ta Nuppu, Meen Rawa Fry and more. Considering Hyderabad hardly has restaurants that serve the South Canara cuisine, this food festival, being hosted by Dakshin at ITC Kakatiya and curated by Chef Vishal Baliga, is bound to be lapped up by the foodies in the city. The fest will be on till November 27.

The cuisine is largely influenced by the Southern part of the country, which is reflected in the heavy use of coconut and ghee. The region is better known as Tulu region ai??i?? a conglomeration of different communities including Catholics, Muslims and Saraswats. Thatai??i??s how at Dakshin we saw the variety in starters like Golli Bajje. It was essentially refined flour and curd whisked together and fried till the dumplings took a golden brown colour. It turned out to be really crispy yet soft. It tasted well with Andhra style ginger and chilli chutney . We liked the Meen Rawa which was boneless fish marinated with red chilli paste and deep fried in a batter made of semolina. The fish didnai??i??t overpower the taste. Kori Gassi, of course, was prepared succulently.

ai???Itai??i??s the abundant use of coconut and coriander that makes the cuisine unique,ai??? explains chef Vishal. However, it is the dessert Gadbad which we recommend. Made from orange jelly, berry compote, figs, bananas and ice-cream, itai??i??s a must-have.
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