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    Ever so often ita��s nice to discover a little no-fuss eatery that offers a menu based on family recipes and wallet-friendly prices. Like Chubalas Curry and Rice, located on the Kamanahalli Main Road, run by Richard Graham, a chef and international food consultant along his wife Chubala. The place is bright and cheery with checked table cloths, attractive pictures on the walls and the appealing vibe of a true family-run establishment.
    On the plate
    The menu focuses on Naga and Goan specials, a real treat for meat lovers. Those unfamiliar with Naga cuisine, as we were, will be pleasantly surprised that it is not too difficult to acquire a taste for their fermented ingredients and somewhat intense heat that characterises their dishes. a�?Naga food is mostly boiled, steamed or smoked, rarely fried. And it is accompanied with boiled greens on the side with dipping chutneys and steamed rice,a�? explains Graham. Chubalas offers Naga thalis that come with dal, veggies and a choice of pork or chicken.
    We delved into the menu, sampling two kinds of Naga style pork a�� one dish came with smoked meat and dried bamboo shoots, another with pickled bamboo shoots, steamed rice and a platter of boiled veggies. We didna��t need to dial the fire brigade as the heat was manageable, the unusual flavour that came from the fermented seasoning very pleasant and well balanced with the rice and veggies. Grahama��s Goan family recipes are not to be missed either.
    A hearty sausage pulao made with his secret reichado masala and specially ordered sausages from Goa is a delicious one-dish meal, as is the prawn balchow with steamed rice and a simple
    mixed salad. Pork vindaloo or sorpotel with a heady kick of chillies
    and vinegar is served up with warm bread. There are plenty of other items on the menu that warrant a return visit like the pork trotter soup, Chubalaa��s special momos and homemade bebinca.

    Rs.500 for two. Details: 8971878224page9lead8

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