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    After Twitter, Instagram has witnessed some of the bloodiest celebrity fights — with Chris Brown to Kylie Jenner battling it out online

    Blast from the past
    chris-brownSetting the record straight with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran recently gave him a piece of her mind on Instagram. It all started out when the rapper called her out on Instagram, asking her to focus on her career and not comment on his life. The petite model shot back: “First off @chrisbrownofficial you just did an interview with Ryan Seacrest in which you spoke about me,” adding, “I’m not gonna shy away from something that I lived through. I’m talking about my life and experiences. I’m not speaking on you or bashing you (like I easily could). Don’t be mad at me because our relationship is over due to your lack of loyalty.” Of course, Brown later apologised and thanked her for being a part of his life and said all he did was try to fight for her love. With such an interesting twist, it seems like the Forever singer is not yet over Tran.

    Frenemies for life
    Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez’s rivalry is rumoured to have started years ago, thanks to Justin Bieber. The hostility recently resumed when the Disney divas had a run-in at a common friend’s party. Subsequently, the Can’t Be Tamed star posted a sexy selfie on Instagram, nearly identical to Gomez’s earlier bikini selfie. The 22-year-old also added a rude caption indicating that the Slow Down singer posts hot pictures only to boost the number of her followers. Not one to take an insult lying down, Gomez retaliated by posting a picture of herself, with her friend Brandon Smith, both posing with their tongues sticking out (Cyrus’ trademark). However, Cyrus’ parting shot—a selfie with Gomez’s V magazine in her hand—has us confused. Is it a sign of friendship or another jibe?

    And it continues
    hollysnip6bHip-hop artiste Amber Rose recently found out that the Kardashians fiercely defend each other. In an interview, Rose (Kanye West’s former girlfriend) was asked about Kylie Jenner’s relationship with Tyga. The singer said, “She’s a baby. She needs to go to bed at 7 o’clock and relax. (Tyga) should be ashamed of himself. He has a beautiful woman and a baby, and left that for a 16-year-old who just turned 17.” Defending her sister, Khloe Kardashian tweeted that Rose, who has been stripping since she was 15, shouldn’t worry about her little sister. But instead of retaliating, Rose switched her attention to Kim and Instagrammed a humorous meme of West.Wonder which Kardashian will jump into this brawl next.

    Taking a dig
    The latest Instagram feud is between former basketball players Shaquille O’Neal and Scottie Pippen. The former Los Angeles Lakers’ centre drew Pippen’s ire by taking a shot at his Chicago Bulls Dynasty team. O’Neal Instagrammed a picture of all-time Lakers and Chicago Bulls Dynasty lineups, stating that the Lakers team would beat the Bulls by 50 points. Pippen fired back, “Sorry @shaq but I don’t get caught up in hypotheticals. All I know is we won six titles, twice the amount you claimed while in LA.” But the war didn’t end there. Using Photoshop, O’Neal superimposed Michael Jordan’s face on Pippen’s (from a picture that Pippen had posted earlier), reminding him that others deserved the credit, too. The one-upmanship continued, with Pippen calling O’Neal a sidekick, followed by O’Neal posting a video showing Pippen losing a 17-point lead without Jordan.

    Who does it better?
    The youngest Kardashian sibling, Kylie Jenner, and hip-hop model, Blac Chyna, are known for their spats on social media. The real reason for the fights: Chyna’s ex-boyfriend Tyga is Jenner’s current beau. From posting pictures of a watch gifted by Tyga to putting up a picture of herself in an outfit identical to Chyna, Jenner has not been very subtle about flaunting her relationship. When Chyna posted a picture of herself in white trousers and a crop top, Jenner waited hardly an hour before posting an identical picture, but in a grey ensemble. But the latest parry from Jenner—changing her Instagram name to honour Chyna and Tyga’s son, King Cairo—reportedly has nothing to do the feud. According to an insider, she loves the child and that’s the reason behind the change.


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