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    Amrapalia��s latest is all about loving A�the raw form

    Made exclusively for their online portal, Amrapali introduces Rock Your Love, their Valentinea��s Day collection. Known for their constant experimentation with styles, stones and metals, this range stays true to their aesthetic yet conveys the mood of love. a�?The collection is delicate and feminine yet brings out the beauty of the raw form,a�? says Aakanksha Arora, marketing head at Amrapali. Think uncut, unpolished amethysts, rubies and garnets that turn into hearts, bows and plenty of quirky detailing.

    Love gold
    From the triple heart ring to the amethyst rock bow, they move away from traditional towards edgy. a�?We have used a lot of rose gold BuyAnchor2this year in most of the designs,a�? explains Arora indicating the rose gold-plated sterling silver that marks the range. Baubles with strings and metal are etched and textured in pieces that are rough around the edges, yet delicate.

    Rare finds
    Another exciting feature is the individuality of the stones used. a�?Since we use them in their raw, natural form, finding another piece that looks the same will be very hard,a�? Arora says. Whether it is The Chamber of Love neck piece featuring an amethyst rock set in a hollow casing or The Connection Ring made of crystalline garnet that is worn through two fingers, the metal complements the natural formations of the gems. a�?We wanted a range that offered something new and unusual. Not conventional. That is why we cut down on the hearts and piled up on the femininity. These are all one-of-a-kind pieces that women really dona��t need to wait for their partners to pick up for them,a�? sums up Arora.

    Rs 1,800 upwards. Available at tribebyamrapali.com

    Susanna Chandy


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