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    With over 300 products, Vagheggi brings their organic plant-based cosmetics to the country

    Attention to detail is a valuable asset, especially when it comes to developing skincare products. And Vagheggi, the phytocosmetics brand from Italy, has made it their business to bottle the best. a�?Our bespoke products use plant-based, naturally-sourced active ingredients and we take up to two years, with rigorous research and testing, to create something new,a�? says Valeria Cavalcante, CEO, stressing on their high-quality ingredientsa��like lavender from Francea��s Upper Provence and vitamin C extracted from Calabrian oranges.
    Now, with the range coming to Indiaa��Vagheggi has partnered with Nisha Javeri, founder of Mumbaia��s Myrah Spaa��customers can access the over 300 products that make up their various skincare lines, including eight lines for the face, four for the body, one for sun care and three special editions launched every year. But in a country where people swear by Ayurvedic products, and organic and natural are bywords of most skin regimens, what sets apart Vagheggi? a�?Each element is chosen for a certain need, so the products are highly effective. Moreover, technique is key. Besides our technicians being specially trained, they will impart their knowledge to the customer, too, for their home care routine,a�? says Javeri. With plans to expand to Delhi and Chennai (by next year), we will soon get a chance to try out Vagheggi facials, scrubs and the like. Meanwhile, you can purchase the products online.

    Products from Rs 300 to Rs 20,000. Facials from Rs 3,500 onwards. Details: myrahspa.com

    Surya Praphulla Kumar


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