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    Guiding us back to homoeopathy and natural pregnancy is a two-day retreat at Auroville

    White lights, doctors in masks, the smell of antiseptic in the air: giving birth is a sterilised production. The journey to the delivery rooma��especially for couples struggling to have a babya��isna��t a bed of roses either, peppered as it is with blood tests, pill popping and hormone injections. While this a�?clinicala�� process is the norm in the country, according to advocates of natural living in Auroville, going au naturale is the better choice. Underlining this is Welcoming a Soul, a two-day retreat on enhancing fertility naturally for couples hoping to start a family.

    A journey back
    Conducted by four international professionals, it will have sessions on dynamic yoga, the Aviva Method (an exercise system that stimulates oestrogen/progesterone/testosterone secretion), homoeopathy, regression therapy and practical aspects of midwifery. a�?While in Europe there is a huge demand for natural methods of fertility, in India it is a very medical question. Treatments like in vitro fertilisation, while effective, can take a huge toll on health, finance and family. We believe natural therapies and remedies are effective and more advisable,a�? says Bogi Nagy, an instructor in the Hungarian Aviva Method.
    Pointing to s1tress, pollution and changing lifestyles taking a toll on our health, Manuela Schliessner, a graduate of the Academy of Midwifery in Netherlands, says that the retreat will be an eye-opener because, instead of treating you like a patient, a�?we will look at you in totality. There are so many things that can affect you and your fertilitya��from mental blocks (which can be resolved by hypnotherapy and regression therapy sessions) to dietary issues. We will also share homoeopathic remedies that can help with conception,a�? she says.
    Way forward
    The retreat is being planned as an introductiona��to give people a sense of the different options available to them and the combinations of methods they can try. a�?Taking this forward, we want to offer five-day retreats, for those who want to go further,a�? says Sigrid Lindermann, a homoeopath and hypnotherapist, adding that she hopes couples will participatea��not just women. After all, starting a family is a joint endeavour and, moreover, a�?Bogia��s husband, Zsolti Erdelyi, has an entire section of the Aviva Method, just for men.a�?

    January 31-February 1 and March 21-22, 9 am to 7 pm. `4,900 (includes lunch, tea and snacks). Register on aurovilleretreat.org

    a��Surya Praphulla Kumar


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