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    Porsche introduces a new version of the iconic 911

    Launched back in 1963, Porschea��s 911 has since been one of the most favoured sports cars to date, right from the 993 (released in 1994 and still considered the most stunning) to the 991 that first hit the roads in 2011. The German car manufacturer now introduces a new 911, which boasts bi-turbo charged engines, offering 20 hp more power than its predecessors. Pavan Shetty, director, Porsche India, lets us in on the details.

    What sets the new 911 apart?
    It is equipped with Sport Chrono Package with four driving modes and Sport Response Button. It also comes with an updated steering wheel with controls right within your reach.

    How is the car customisable?
    Virtually any customer desire can be fulfilled by Porsche Exclusive. We had a celebrity who wanted his Twitter handle on the door sill guard. Customers have added contrast stitching to their cars. The interior dials colours can be customised to match exteriors. The Porsche crest can be embossed on the seat head rests. Customisation can also include performance enhancements such as the Sports Chrono Package.

    Tell us more about the design.
    The design language, proportions and contouring follow the 911 tradition: with wings that are higher than the front lid; with headlights that are bulging and round; with a roof line that slopes down towards the rear over tapering side windows.

    Some ways in which technology is integrated?
    Aspecial smartphone tray hands over the function of the mobile phone aerial to the external aerial of the car, sparing the mobile phone battery and providing optimum reception. It also delivers real-time traffic information for the first time.
    Rs 14,233,000 up (in Delhi) and Rs 13,971,000 up (in Maharashtra). Details: 8884000911

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