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    Actor Vin Diesel insists that his Fast & Furious 7 is bigger and could be selected for the Academy Awards

    IN Diesel is confident that his latest film from the Fast and Furious franchise will pick up an Oscar. Though none of the earlier instalments got selected, the seventh film is special to the 47-year-old as it features his friend, guide and confidante Paul Walkera��sA� last performance. Recently, Diesel even named his newborn daughter Pauline, after Walker. Diesel, who is also a producer, is best known for his Chronicles of Riddick. For an actor whose life has revolved around biceps and action stunts, Diesela��s past is interesting. Did you know that he used to live in an artista��s community in West Village for a long time and was surrounded by painters and theatre artistes? In fact, his stepfather was a theatre director and his mother an astrologer. Back to his movies, Diesel fills us in on Fast & Furious 7:

    After 15 years, how do you wrap your head around this ride?1
    So much has happened to me in my personal lifea��Ia��ve become a father and Ia��d like to think that Ia��ve matured a little bit. I cana��t stress enough how much of an impossible task this might have felt like 15 years ago.

    How do you maintain a balance in your films?
    My approach to filmmaking is always one of integrity, regardless of whether ita��s a drama piece or action. The idea that we could even attempt to one-up the stunts and the action sequences is fun, and ita��s a rich, rich challenge. But, increasing the emotional stakes is what will set this saga apart.

    This film deals with vengeance like never before.
    Ita��s something that we were really conscious about, to be directly answering the previous film with the kind of unforeseen, residual effect from completing a mission for the law, in essence.

    Why do you think Jason Statham was right for the role of the villain?
    Jason is one of those actors who keeps it cool and consistent. Hea��s a wonderful talent to watch, period. We needed a character that represented the location wea��d just lived in for two hours, which is London. Jason Statham did that. I went on Facebook, and I asked the fans, a�?Who would you like to see me work with? Who would you like to see me incorporate, if I could?a�? And the top name was Jason Statham, more than the next three combined.

    Why is Abu Dhabi special?
    The audience now has grown to expect these new locations, and they enjoy travelling with the characters that they know so well. When we travel and visit these other cultures and countries, it only strengthens the idea that we are all citizens of the world.

    All the actors have dressed with style. Tell us more.
    Oh, we had a blast doing it. And I have to give James Wan credit for wanting to go into that rarefied Bond air, and doing it unabashedly. When audiences see this movie they will see a new directora��s approach to it. James Wan is a much more refined kind of director than wea��ve had in the past.

    Do you have an outline for the future films?
    What this series has done as a saga has proved that there is a new way to approach sequels and sagas. One should have a long view of what your story looks like, over multiple pictures, and with Universal, I wouldna��t have been interested in just doing seven if they didna��t have an idea or feel comfortable with what the new trilogy would look like, of how seven, eightand nine would roll out and how they would connect to one another.
    Fast& Furious is scheduled to release today.

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