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    Keeping up-to-date on trends, Snap Fitness wants to take the excuses out of gymming

    f 2014 was the year of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), then 2015 is turning out to be much more no-frills. Trend reports (like the American College of Sports Medicinea��s) claim people are going back to the basics, with bodyweight training making it to the top of the list. This seems to be in sync with Snap Fitness, which opened a 3,000 sq ft open floor gym in Velachery a week ago. 1With the motto a�?Fast, Convenient, Affordablea��, their model is simple: no frills, with an outlet in every neighbourhood (so you dona��t have to drive more than 3 km to get there), competitive rates and the best in terms of training and equipment. a�?After opening over 60 outlets in the country, wea��ve realised that people dona��t have time for a�?fancya��. We might give them optionsa��like machines that count reps and send stats to smart phonesa��but after a couple of weeks, they lose interest. So we concentrate on the essentials: helping you achieve your fitness goals through customised workout plans and experienced training,a�? explains Srileka Reddy, the co-master franchisee of the US brand.
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    Bodyweight training: a�?Ita��s an essential part of our training schedule. While we dona��t offer programmes like yoga or Pilates, we do incorporate their philosophies. After all, the surya namaskar incorporates lunges, push ups and the like. Using your own bodya��s weight is enough to get the result you want. Moreover, unlike most gyms that stress on cardio, we feel, while it is important, it is not a daily necessity. We focus a lot on strength and bodyweight training.a�?
    HIIT and boot camps: a�?Wea��ve not limited this to just our personal training programmes. If we see people idling, perhaps waiting for machines, we will initiate an impromptu HIIT workout. This keeps things fresh and fun. We will also plan frequent boot camps, which will be a free value addition for our members.a�?
    Spartan workout: a�?There are a lot of trends out there, including power lifting, sledge hammer conditioning, etc. Though we dona��t do this right now, if there is a demand, we will incorporate it.a�?
    Monthly memberships at Rs 1,200. 5 am to 11.30 pm. Details: snapfitnessindia.com

    Surya Praphulla Kumar


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