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    Latest seasons and debut shows on TV this month

    WHILE new shows like Minority Report, Quantico and Scream Queens, have grabbed the limelight, there is more to October. As some of the most popular shows return with new seasons, there are other shows debuting to keep you glued to the screen. Here is our pick.
    The Blacklist
    The American drama series is back with its third season, where you will see the high profile criminal Raymond Reddington played by James Spader picking it up from where it stopped last season — on the run with FBI profiler Elizabeth Keen. They are helped by a blacklister to flee the city. Also, with the introduction of a new character, expect a lot more twists. Premiering today, at 10 pm, on Star World Premiere HD.
    Idris Elba: King of SpeedIdris Elba: King of Speed
    With the award-winning British actor Idris Elba, explore the history of underground racing and examine how the quest of high speed has affected modern sport — travelling from his childhood home in East London to motor city Detroit. He will also compete in the Circuit of Ireland Rally for the show. Premiered yesterday. Every Thursday, at 10 pm, on Discovery Turbo.
    Get set to watch the Oscar winner Adrien Brody play the role of Harry Houdini, who is a master illusionist and escape artist of the 18th century. In the new mini-series that premiered yesterday, watch Brody find fame, battling spiritualists and encountering the greatest names of the era, from US presidents to Arthur Conan Doyle. EveryThursday-Friday, at 9 pm, on HISTORY TV 18.
    Truth Be Told
    Don’t miss the Indian premiere of the new show Truth Be Told. The  comedy series revolves around the lives of two diverse couples — Mitch and Tracey, and Russell and Angie — who are not only neighbours but also best friends. The series shows how Mitch and Russell deal with the various facets of their lives and their wives unabashedly — in a candid and recklessly uninhibited manner. Premiering on October 18 at 8.30 pm, on Comedy Central.

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